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How to use arterial in a sentence. Of or relating to an artery; relating to or being the bright red blood present in most arteries that has been oxygenated in. Of, relating to, or being the blood in the arteries that has absorbed oxygen in the lungs and is bright. Volumul exagerat de mare al splinei este întâlnit frecvent în asociere cu hiperfluxul arterial de la nivel splenic. Arterial circle created by the conjunction of the caudal communicating artery and the rostral cerebral artery. With sustained hypertension, arterial walls become thickened, inelastic, and resistant to blood flow, and the left ventricle becomes distended and hypertrophied as a result of its efforts to maintain normal circulation against the increased resistance.
Hypertension ( HTN or HT), also known as high blood pressure ( HBP), is a long- term medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is persistently elevated. Of, like, or in an artery or arteries. Prin hipertensiune portală, se înţelege o creştere permanentă a presiunii în sistemul venos port peste 10 – 12 mmHg,. ESC/ ESH Arterial Hypertension ( Management of) ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines Topic( s) : Chronic Nursing Care. 3 Definition, classification, and epidemiological aspects of. Între sistemul arterial de presiune crescută şi cel venos port, de presiune sc ăzută, va determina apari- ţia unui „ furt“ vascular spre sistemul port, ce va. Arterial hipertensiune portală. Cazurile de hipertensiune portală, de trei ori mai mult decât în patologia adultului ( 5). Called also the circle of Willis. Inadequate blood supply to the coronary arteries may cause angina or myocardial infarction. It encircles the optic chiasma and the hypophysis. Arterial definition is - of or relating to an artery. 1 What is new and what has changed in the European Society of Cardiology/ European Society of Hypertension arterial hypertension Guidelines? Arterial synonyms, arterial pronunciation, arterial translation, English dictionary definition of arterial. High blood pressure typically does not cause symptoms.

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